Lydia R. Rieger

For over 30 years, Lydia Rieger has been fascinated by thought and life principles, and she has made knowledge and education her passion.  Her experience as a class teacher, tutor, mentor, and homeschool mother has given her wisdom to inspire and to instruct others on how they can unlock their goals and dreams.


Lydia has a Master's degree in elementary education, and she is a Certified Elementary and Waldorf Teacher, Life Mastery Consultant, and TranscenDance Facilitator.  She draws from her knowledge and skills in these areas of expertise as she empowers individuals and groups to build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.


Whether you enroll in coaching, receive homeschool services or attend one of her trainings, Lydia will motivate, support, and guide you to ignite the fire within, so that you can truly live a life you love!

  • Discover Your Purpose!

    There are 2 essential keys for tuning into your passions.  Master these and feel the power they can give you.

  • Think Differently!

    Adopt simple thinking strategies to guard yourself from fear, doubt and worry.  Learn what wealthy people do to sustain their success.

  • Stay Motivated!

    Practice key methods that will help you override those feelings of overwhelm when you're losing steam.


Here are just a few people who have experienced a coaching program with Lydia Rieger and what they had to say about how it helped them to unlock their goals and dreams and live a life they love!

Susan DeMedio

Collegeville, PA

I was very happy to meet life prior to Tanglewood was missing a path.  I had many hopes and dreams but seemed not able to get to my goals.  Since taking the program, I am obtaining some short term goals to my long term goals. 

I have also learned to forgive and to just be still in the moment.  I have learned to realize that "this is now,  that was then".  I feel the investment was adequate and I am worth it.  

Cheryl Matters

Royersford, PA

When I met Lydia my primary areas of longing and discontent were to have closer relationships with women, to trust and value myself, and to love myself like I love others.

After receiving coaching, I now accept love from others much easier,

I accept that I am loveable, and I realize that I do have a beautiful soul!

Dr.Terri Heck

Wernersville, PA

What I love about Lydia is her ability to see things through my eyes.  She gave me strategies that helped me make positive changes in my everyday relationships and tasks.  She also has superior discernment, allowing her to understand the particulars of each thought and situation.  I learned how important goals are and how important taking small steps are.  I started putting fear in its place.

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