For over 30 years, Lydia Rieger has been fascinated by thought and life principles, and she has made knowledge and education her passion.  Her experience as a class teacher, tutor, mentor, and homeschool mother has given her wisdom to inspire and to instruct others on how they can unlock their goals and dreams.


Lydia has a Master's degree in elementary education, and she is a Certified Elementary and Waldorf Teacher, Life Mastery Consultant, and TranscenDance Facilitator.  She draws from her knowledge and skills in these areas of expertise as she empowers individuals and groups to build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.


Whether you enroll in coaching, receive homeschool services or attend one of her trainings, Lydia will motivate, support, and guide you to ignite the fire within, so that you can truly live a life you love!

  • Speaker

    Lydia custom designs the trainings and workshops for your business, school, community group or organization.

  • Mentor

  • Coach

Master of Education

Life Mastery Consultant

TranscenDance Facilitator

Lydia believes in continuing education and life-long learning.  As she began to grow her business and her life, she incorporated movement and dance into her routine.  She noticed how 'purposeful movement' was instrumental in making positive changes in her work and in her personal life.  Lydia wanted her clients to benefit from the same mind-body exercise.  Now her dream has been fulfilled as she facilitates TranscenDance™.

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